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The Podcast About Bad Things

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Our Work

Each Tuesday, we release a new episode focusing on bizarre murders, missing persons, and the weird of the world.  We've put out over 100 episodes during our existence and look forward to putting out 100s more! We dig into books, newspaper articles, court records, and any other source that contributes to our story.  We've also received lots of love from our listeners (with over 200 5 star reviews), magazines, other podcasts, and are consistently ranked in the top 20 true crime podcasts in the world by!


The show

Killin Missin Hidden is an independent true crime podcast with weekly episodes.  Each episode covers a strange murder, a baffling missing persons case, or the unexplained.

Hosted by a former criminal defense trial attorney, each case is reviewed and analyzed to try and offer meaningful insight on each case.  Theories are offered based on the evidence available to suggest what may have truly happened.  No other true crime podcast digs as deep as Killin Missin Hidden in single episodes.

Killin Missin Hidden is a podcast based out of Montgomery, Alabama, and has been serving up content since January 2020 and is the most popular true crime podcast produced in Alabama.

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Your Host



Host, Chief Researcher,

Executive Producer &

Creator of Greatness

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